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Lottie Passell-Syms

Founder & Lead Therapeutic Manager

Hi! I'm Lottie :)

I am the Founder of Eastleigh Youth Counselling Service, which I started back in 2001. I am the Lead Therapeutic Manager. In my role I facilitate, train and lead the team of Counsellors.


EYCS is a community based service that offers a safe and confidential space for young people to come and talk to a professionally trained Counsellor about any aspect of their life that they are not coping with. At the heart of EYCS is the mental health and wellbeing of the young people. 


What I love about working for EYCS is…the culture. We are a collective family of people working towards the same mission; to deliver a high quality counselling service to young people across the Hampshire area, that need help with mental health challenges. 


What we say about Lottie...

Lottie is energetic, passionate and very quirky. She is full on, never stops and is truly dedicated. 


Lottie embraces the uniqueness of young people freely and openly. 


She has such love for all of the work the EYCS staff are doing to promote the recovery of the young people we see.

Lottie Passell-Syms

Kim Brooks

Service Support Manager

Hello! Kim here!

I started in 2002 when we only had two Counsellors and have seen it grow and evolve into what it is today. A wonderful service that truly makes a difference to the mental well being of young people.


In my role, I manage all of the referrals coming in, the wait lists and the diaries of all of our Counsellors. As well as many other things including funding, reporting and presentations. 


The feedback I receive from parents and the young people is just amazing, it just makes me so passionate about what we do. 


I love working with the team, they are brilliant. It feels good to be doing such great things within the community. 


What we say about Kim...

To be totally honest, we are not sure what we would do without Kim, she is the glue. 


We would describe Kim as unique, one of kind, very funny, with a wonderful positive energy. 


Kim sits in a very unique position, within her role as she oversees so much and when we asked her what she feels the service offers to young people, her words struck a cord. She said, essentially, we save lives. Empowering them to be the person they want to be. 

Kim Brooks

Kira Whitehead

Operations Manager

Hello! I am Kira :)

I am the Operations Manager covering TADIC (our sexual health service for young people) and EYCS. I started back in 2017 and from my first contact with the service, through to interview and meeting the team. I could see that everyone involved was passionate about what they do. I can’t praise the team enough for the important work they do and how they go above and beyond. 


My role is to oversee the service at a strategic level, ensuring service quality is maintained, the service is sustainable, and our Lead Counsellor is supported in terms of innovation and ability to support our team of Counsellors. 


I am forever impressed by the versatility of our Counsellors in being able to identify what help and support each young person needs, and to deliver a quality bespoke service. No matter the individual or the presenting issue, whether is be, anxiety, relationships, self harm or gender identity, following on from sessions with our Counsellors, they are in a better place than when they started, having learnt a range of new coping skills. 


What we say about Kira...

Kira is very relationship orientated, optimistic and resilient. Kira is also approachable, positive and easy-going.


Along with Kira’s input and support the service support’s the Counsellors individual areas of expertise and interest. Giving them the freedom to pursue these enriches the organisation as a whole. In Kira's own’s words, quoting Aristotle ’the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ We think that is pretty special. 

Kira Whitehead

Fiona Shorney

Clinical Assessor, Counsellor & Supervisor

Hi! I'm Fiona :)

I am the Clinical Assessor, Counsellor and Supervisor for EYCS. I started back in 2011.

In my role I carry out assessments as well as provide Supervision to the Counselling team, assisting the Clinical Lead with the day to day duties. 


I love being part of the amazing and passionate team of professionals supporting young people to manage their mental and emotional health needs. I feel very proud to be part of a service that has an outstanding reputation that has stood the test of time. 


What I have learnt working for EYCS is the power of belief in a vision, which has emanated from our Founder, Lottie. And the sheer commitment it takes to maintain a counselling service, through funding, as well as the power of team work. 


I would describe myself as open, warm and professional. 


What we say about Fiona...

Fiona works with each client as a unique individual so therapy is tailored and unique to suit each clients particular needs and personal circumstances. 


With Fiona by your side, you will have a safe, warm, confidential space to assess the support you need, to talk openly, be heard and feel respected. 

Fiona Shorney

Beth Eames

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! I am Beth!

I am a Qualified Counsellor, I have been with the team since 2005. 


The way in which I work allows for growth to occur. I believe that you have the ability to fulfil your own potential for growth, all of which can be explored, in full support through our sessions. 


I use a combined approach that brings together different elements of therapy so that you can be treated as a whole, adapting and tailoring as we go along, to your needs. 


If we work together you will find that I am calm, and understanding.


EYCS is an amazing supportive and inclusive organisation to work for, that truly has the best interest of young people at its core. 


What we say about Beth...

Beth is very experienced and has worked with many diverse issues that affect young people. 


Despite her experience, we love that Beth is always learning new things and encouraging the sharing of information and issues amongst the team to keep up to date with new information and challenges. 


Beth is very adaptable and calm in her approach. She also loves a strong cup of tea! 

Beth Eames

Pip Hart

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! Pip here!

I started with EYCS in 2017. I am a Qualified Counsellor for Young People. 


Whilst our service is accessible via parents, carers, school’s and GP’s, we offer something different which can be accessed by the young person. We offer a safe, non-judgemental place that will accept them as they are. 


I work by looking at the whole person. I work in a creative way which means we can use different ways of working such as art which can really help the young person to access their emotions. 


I would describe myself as positive, trustworthy and compassionate. During my time with this wonderful service I have learned so much…..mainly though, that we are all unique. 


What we say about Pip...

Pip is practical in her approach which the young people respond really well too. She is also someone you can rely on with a great sense of humour!


There is so much passion for the EYCS service, ensuring the needs of the young people helped are always at the forefront. Pip is standing united with us in our mission. 

Pip Hart

Fern Luker

Qualified Counsellor & Triage Assessor

Hello! I am Fern :)

I am a Qualified Counsellor and Triage Assessor. I started with EYCS in 2018 I was fortunate enough to be offered a permanent position once qualified.


What I love about working for EYCS is that every single member of the team genuinely cares about the welfare and well-being of the young people we work with. 


I would describe myself as calm, supportive and compassionate. I work by using a number of different approaches, having studied in animal-assisted therapy, trauma focussed therapy and CBT-E. However, I tend to tailor the way I work to whatever suits the young person best. 


We can talk about what you are wanting to take away from your counselling sessions and any goals you may have. 

What we say about Fern...

Fern is totally dedicated to her work with young people and someone you can depend upon. 


Having a number of years experience working in a Residential Rehabilitation Centre for the Prison service, alongside her current role in a hospital setting she has plenty of experience and knowledge to support you during your sessions. 


We asked Fern what she has learnt whilst being with EYCS and she resilient and incredible young people are. And that when something I’ve said is ‘peng’, it means it’s a good thing :)

Fern Luker

Vicky Drinkwater

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! I'm Vicky!

I started with EYCS in 2019 and was fortunate enough after my training, to be offered a place. 


From my experience, the service we offer gives young people the space and time they deserve to process and work through any issues they may have had in the past. It allows them to have a voice and be heard. 


I feel is is vitally important that young people have access to this service, as unfortunately some young people do not have the space to be heard which can have a detrimental impact on their physical and mental health. 


If we were to meet, you would find that I am professional, caring and happy. I work in a creative way, this helps young people to articulate how they feel, using this approach helps with this process and can be extremely powerful. 


What we say about Vicky...

We love that Vicky is apart of our fantastic service. In Vicky’s own words the service makes such a big positive change and impact on young people. 


Vicky has really made a difference and helped the young people she has worked with. She is kind, empathetic, bubbly and well liked. 

Vicky Drinkwate

Tracey Ancell

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! I'm Tracey...

I started with EYCS back in September 2019 I was lucky enough to secure a placement and then offered a job when I qualified. 


I believe that young people need to know that there is somewhere they can go to speak freely to someone they can trust. An hour in the week put aside just for them, to discuss the issues, difficulties or challenges they are facing. A safe confidential space to come and be heard and supported without being judged. 


I love working with a team of people who are passionate about the potential of young people and who believe that being heard can help them to achieve growth and change. 


What we say about Tracey...

Tracey is very creative in the way she works which helps the young person to access their feelings. 


You will also find, as we have, that Tracey is warm, friendly and humorous. She is incredibly resilient and loyal as well as compassionate. She sees it as a privilege to sit and listen to a young person tell their story. 

Tracey Ancell

Catherine Barratt

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! I'm Catherine!

I started with EYCS in October 2020. I really enjoy working for the service because it gives young people the opportunity to enable themselves, me the chance to practice my skills and to connect with fellow Counsellors. 


A young person can feel alone with their thoughts and it is important that their voice is heard now and for good self esteem in the future. 


When asked what I have learnt whilst being with EYCS, it is that life doesn’t have to be perfect! 


What we say about Catherine...

Catherine is reliable, kind and reflective, she understands how to create a safe space to help the young person explore worries and concerns. 


She offers a bespoke approach centred around interactions between people which helps us understand the part we play, what we can change and what is not ours to fix. You will find her to be measured, calm with a fun loving energy. 

Catherne Barratt

Jennifer Bufton

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! Jen here!

I am a Qualified Counsellor with EYCS and I have been apart of the team since 2020.


The way I to focus on the present life challenges helping you to explore these experiences and make sense of them. 


I would describe myself as welcoming, accepting and understanding. 


I build a relationship of trust and help to raise awareness within yourself and others, which helps to gain a greater sense of control of your experiences and emotional regulation. 

What we say about Jen...

Jen is warm, friendly and approachable. She loves being part of a diverse team who bring their expertise and skillsets together with the joint focus and goal of helping young people. 


She will offer you a safe, calm and confidential environment to talk through your challenges and experiences. 

Jennifer Bufton

Emma Sacker

Qualified Counsellor

Hi! I'm Emma!

I am a Counsellor, I started with EYCS in 2021.


I love working for EYCS, it is well organised and everyone is really dedicated, it really makes a difference.

Since starting I have learnt to expect the unexpected and listen well. 


If we were to work together you would find I am kind, empathetic and an excellent listener. The way I work is by addressing you in your own unique way with creativity, tailoring my approach to your needs.


What we say about Emma...

Emma is loyal, humorous, dedicated, driven and kind. She will give you a safe space to explore your feelings, behaviours and thoughts.

Along with the rest of the team, Emma is non-judgemental and will offer you an empathetic relationship, which may be unlike any other relationship you have had. 

Emma Sacker

Sarah Mears

Qualified Counsellor

Hello, I'm Sarah...

I am a Qualified Counsellor. I started with EYCS in 2021. 


I really enjoy working as part of an amazing team, I feel really supported in my role. I love being part of a service that can offer counselling to young people who may not have been able to access counselling due to low income. It is a real privilege to be supporting individuals to enable them to bring about positive changes in their lives. 


I would describe myself as intuitive, conscientious and caring. You will find working with me, that I incorporate both your mind and body, working with you as a whole. My way of working is particularly good if you are finding it difficult to articulate how you are feeling. We can use journalling, stones and shells and sand trays to help expand your vocabulary and help you connect with your feelings. 

What we say about Sarah...

Sarah is supportive, resilient and reflective.


She will give you the space and time to develop your own tools to manage your mental health, explore your concerns and any confusion you may be having around sexuality or gender issues, or whatever may be coming up for you. 

Sarah Mears

Rosy Oscroft

Qualified Counsellor

Hello! Rosy here!

I am a Qualified Counsellor with EYCS, I started in 2021.


There can be many barriers to people accessing counselling. I feel it is particularly important to provide this free service to young people, as it avoids any financial barrier that may exist due too affordability to parental involvement. 


I work in a very proactive way, centring on your needs and tailoring my approach to you as an individual. 


Working with me you will find that I am empathetic, adaptable and engaging, with a good sense of humour. 

What we say about Rosy...

Rosy has a lovely way about her, she is very in tune and empathetic to the needs of her clients. The scale, diversity and complexity that our young people are facing is beyond compression sometimes, so it is reassuring to know, that people like Rosy are here to help and guide the young people on their journey. 

Rosy Oscroft

Jamie Leeper

Placement Counsellor

Hi, I'm Jamie...

I am a Volunteer Counsellor with EYCS and have been with the team since 2021.


Since starting, I have learnt that it's the small acts that can have the biggest differences. 


I draw upon many different approaches in the way I work, drawing from this baseline gives me a powerful toolkit to enable positive outcomes to be achieved. 


I think it is so important for young people to be able to access a free service where they can be given full attention that can make the biggest difference. 


This can be incredibly liberating and empowering and is a significant factor in you being able to achieve your own self-determined, positive outcomes.


I would describe myself as focussed, dependable and good humoured. 

What we say about Jamie...

Jamie is dedicated, capable and reliable. 


When we asked Jamie what he loves about working with us, he said it is the mutually supportive and well led environment which enables him to put himself and his clients wellbeing at the forefront of his work. Well said, Jamie :)

Jamie Leeper

Mark Bourne

Placement Counsellor

Hello, I'm Mark...

I started with EYCS in 2021 and heard about the service through my time with Southampton City College. 


Counselling is a chance to talk to a professional about whatever may be bothering you, all in a confidential, non-judgemental environment. No subject is off limits and it is important that you have this opportunity for the good of your well being. 


The methods I use are proven to be successful in helping young people. 


I would describe myself as empathetic, warm and inquisitive. 

What we say about Mark...

Mark is a flexible, determined and resilient character and he compliments our ever growing community of like minded people.

All with the same mission and purpose of putting the young person at the heart of all that we do. 

Mark Bourne

Jade Smith

Placement Counsellor

Hello, I'm Jade :)

I started working for EYCS in 2021 as a Volunteer Counsellor working in schools.


As some young people do not have the tools, knowledge or support to help themselves in their time of need. The EYCS service offers this and plants the seed for future development. 


I work by looking at the person as a whole including outside factors and their impact on the young person. I focus on the relationship and the tools I can bring to suit them in the moment. 


For me, what I love about EYCS is the community feel, the people and the service we offer. 

What we say about Jade...

Jade is fun, passionate and caring and supports the young people in their time of need by building a relationship that allows for them to be their true self. 


Jade is ideally placed working within schools as she has a cheeky, compassionate and attentive side. 


When Jade is not putting her best foot forward for us, you may find her near water, with a good read; her safe haven and sanctuary :)

Jade Smith

Mark Williams

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello, I'm Mark

I am the dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have been with EYCS since 2020. 


My role within EYCS is to help strengthen your mind so you can learn to help yourself. 


My work is centred around you, to help you learn new skills for the betterment of your future. I found this has boosted the confidence, positivity and motivation of the people I have worked with. 


Working with the children and young people is a real joy, and seeing the changes, as a result of my work, is such a privilege. 

What we say about Mark...

Mark is an asset to the team, just the testimonials on their own are amazing.


Mark is incredibly professional and very loyal, he is committed, understanding and dedicated. 

Mark Williams
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